Guest Wi-Fi is not just for guests

Jul 31, 2020

Wifi for Guests is a service that is now expected and perhaps essential for every hospitality business. I, for one, will not book any accommodation without checking that Wi-Fi is available (and hopefully free). And if the service is poor when I’m staying then it is definitely a mark against the business.

The problem with Wifi for guests.

The problem is that delivering high speed, high quality internet access for guests isn’t always cheap and the investment doesn’t appear to offer a return; after all the only benefit is that your guests are able to get online. And nowadays you can’t even charge for it without getting a bad review on Tripadvisor. 

So, there we are. Large investment, no direct return and, to add to it, you receive heaps of technical queries from users that don’t know how to use their own phones. It’s only a benefit for the guests. Case proven. Or is it?

Wifi for your guests brings benefits.

Looked at from a different angle, Wifi for your guests can be a real asset to your business. It can increase guest satisfaction, improve your bottom line by reducing dependency on the incredibly expensive Online Travel Agents (OTAs), increase repeat business, enhance your reviews and allow you to carry out targeted marketing.

Wifi for guests can improve Covid-19 safety.

More recently though, Guest Wi-Fi has also proven its use and value to businesses in the hospitality sector in capturing of guest/visitor details as part of Covid-19 compliance protocols.

The information it provides is remarkable – time of visit, frequency of visits, names, email addresses, telephone numbers, all from people that have experienced your hospitality. Information that’s a marketing gold mine.

Wifi for guests has even more uses.

Want to ask your guests to review you in the hot-spot just after they have visited? Sorted. Wish to check those reviews before they go live? Not a problem. Like to send an offer to someone for their birthday? Of course you can. Want to offer guests that booked via an OTA a special rate to return booking direct? Perfect, and no commission. Win, win after win!

If your Guest Wi-Fi is just providing Wi-Fi then it may be time to look again. Yes, for guests’ use, but definitely not just for the guests.

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