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Guest Wi-Fi

We’ve listened to customers and designed a guest Wi-Fi service specifically for leisure and tourism industries (hotels, campsites, restaurants, bars and pubs).

Our Guest Wi-Fi gives your organisation big benefits. Here’s just a few to mention:


Better guest experience

Excellent coverage, professional landing page, social logons, and always connected ­– we know what you and your guests want from Wi-Fi.


Better time management

No more time wasted for you dealing with guest-connection issues, our support ensures a resilient reliable service for you and your guests.


Better reviews

Our Guest Wi-Fi takes the stress out of collecting and monitoring your online reviews which helps build trust and attract new customers.


Better customer data

GDPR compliant, capture the information and build the marketing database you have always wanted to drive repeat visits.


Better profitability

Upsell, vouchers, loyalty schemes, text messaging – all tools that help you build revenue and profit from our Wi-Fi.


Better marketing

Automated and highly targeted messages keep you in touch with your customers, which helps build your brand presence without spending hours and small fortunes on marketing.


Guest Wi-Fi that enhances visitor experiences?

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