Guest Wi-Fi

“Can anyone explain the benefits of guest Wi-Fi to my business?” – Hello Ubi.


We’ve listened to clients and designed a guest Wi-Fi service specifically for leisure and tourism industries (hotels, campsites, restaurants, bars and pubs). Guest Wi-Fi is now a basic expectation of most visiting customers, but businesses shouldn’t see this simply as an obligation. Instead it’s an opportunity for enhancing the “guest experience” while embracing a powerful marketing tool.

Our guest Wi-Fi provides organisations with technology that collects guest sign-in information before allowing access. The technology can be customised to collect a variety of data fields from guests. With this in hand, organisations gain a huge advantage in being able to build direct relationships with guests and, therefore, increase margins in not being so reliant on Online Travel Agents (OTAs) or referral partners. Marketing directly to past guests can encourage repeat visits, build loyalty and introduce cross-selling opportunities.

From hardware to installation to software management, we provide clients with the complete end-to-end guest Wi-Fi capability. We also offer training to clients too on how they can get the very most out of their guest Wi-Fi – for example, showing clients how they can choose the data they collect about guests, whether usage is free or paid. Once in place the system is fully automated, allowing guests to log on and use the facility at will.

In providing guest Wi-Fi to clients, we partner with Ubiquiti (for hardware infrastructure) and Stampede (for management software). And as a guest Wi-Fi client of ours, you don’t have to be concerned about data storage or GDPR compliance, our technology meets all regulatory requirements – meaning you’re already covered.

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