Protect your business and people

Security Camera Systems

Video network solutions which not only improve security but deliver intelligent tools that help the day-to-day running of business.

Security camera technology has come a long way in just the last few years. Here’s some of what users can expect:


Cover every angle

Hanwha’s cameras can record images and sound which means you can see everything and hear everything, giving you a comprehensive record of events.


Keep colleagues and customers safe

Good security cameras are reassuring to staff and customers, providing real-time, continuous, and effective protection for everyone.


Protect your assets

Video networks which not only improve security but deliver improvements to your business by deterring offenders and protecting your assets.


Smart detection

Intelligent software can accurately detect intrusion, people loitering and abandoned/stolen objects no matter the lighting conditions, shadows or reflections.


Products for every size and budget

Hanwha’s range covers every location from small retail outlets with just one or 2 cameras to enterprise products over multi sites with hundreds of cameras.


Open-source integration

Hanwha’s open-source technology has enabled them to build partnerships with technology providers who have developed industry-specific apps to solve numerous real-life problems.

Security Camera Systems that encompass networked recording solutions and video management software?

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