Ubi, the environment and Ecologi

Nov 19, 2021

It’s not often that I find myself ahead of the curve. In fact, this may be the first time.

The environmental impact of our lives is currently coming under more scrutiny than at any time in our history. And quite rightly so.

For many years I have been concerned about the impact Ubi’s trading has on the environment, from the manufacturing of the products we supply to our business mileage, to the power usage of cloud servers and our own office heating. However, it has been almost impossible to find out the exact environmental cost of this.

It does seem remarkable to me that we are provided with documentation on electrical safety, running requirements and details on the recycling and disposal requirements but not on the environmental cost of manufacturing. I believe that all newly manufactured items should come with an environmental impact certification which would help us gauge the true cost of change, but this still seems a long way off.  

It was while wrestling with these questions, rather than sitting on our hands and waiting for things to change, we decided to see if we could assess our impact and off-set it. And then we found Ecologi (or Offset Earth as they were known at the time).

Ecologi, in their own words, was “created so businesses can actually take on the climate crisis” through tree planting and investing donor contributions in into a broad range of carbon capture projects. Such activities can be tied to the commercial operations of your business, allowing you to offset against these.

Since joining in 2019 Ubi’s contributions have paid for the planting of 2,624 trees (and counting) and helped offset over 425,000 business miles – a figure which is considerably more mileage than our team have clocked up in that time.

The scheme is only now being picked up by the bigger corporations – including tech giant Nokia who started working with Ecologi only just this year. Still, better late than never.

Recognising that protecting the environment has even greater urgency, we have increased our commitment to Ecologi’s programme this year and are now planting at least one tree for every new handset, cloud licence, mobile connection, system, router, data switch or new fibre line. And in 2022 we plan to go further by inviting all our customers to join us in adopting a commitment to this initiative – it’s surprisingly affordable and of course the trees will be growing and helping benefit the environment for many years after the products from us have visited the recycling station themselves!

So why have I been ahead of the curve? Well, Ubi were one Ecologi’s earliest partners. When we joined, they had less than 300 business partners and they now have over 8,600. I encourage all businesses to look at Ecologi and think about getting on board to help limit our collective impact on the environment – https://ecologi.com/.

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