The PSTN & ISDN switch off – now is the time to act and we can help

Aug 1, 2023

Are you being bombarded with an increasing number of telephone calls about the changes that are currently afoot in BT’s UK telephone network?

If so, and you only take one thing away from this article, please don’t be alarmed – time is still on your side, but you do need to start planning ahead.

If you take another thing away from this article let it be this: we at Ubi always have an eye open for our customers and if you’d like some advice please contact us.

So, what is the PSTN and ISDN switch off?

BT has been upgrading its entire UK telephony network for the past 5 years and on 5th of September 2023 they will activate a Stop-Sell process after which businesses will no longer be able to make changes to their traditional PSTN and ISDN lines. Such as:

  • No new installations of PSTN & ISDN lines
  • No regrade or changes to the number of lines
  • No start of stopped lines
  • No additional connectivity (i.e. add fibre to a copper line)
  • No ability to modify current connectivity bandwidth on a broadband line (i.e on ADSL or FTTC)
  • No transfers of traditional PSTN & ISDN lines to alternative providers unless you are changing to the new IP services (so you can move to SIP lines or cloud services).

Importantly this change will not result in your lines and numbers stopping working in September. Nor does this change mean you need to do anything before September – unless you need to do any of the above listed actions.

However, you will need to address this within 12- 24 months, so if you want to future-proof your telecommunications we would advise you now look at moving your existing PSTN and ISDN set-up to new services.

We can supply you with the new services and move you onto them in an organised manner, and you may well find that not only do you improve your communications but also reduce your ongoing costs.

So, you could find this is a win-win for your business, and that’s a rarity in this current world!

If you’d like to know more about the PSTN switch-off, please watch this video.

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