Remote working has changed the world

Jul 16, 2020

Let’s face it we could all do with less shilly-shallying around. It’s not that I like to be told what to do by anyone but I do appreciate being given clear, concise advice which will allow me to make an informed decision.

It’s very difficult to plan properly when the route ahead isn’t clearly mapped out and even more so when the options may or may not get you to your destination. And to then be told that the route we could have taken, many miles earlier, is the one we now need to take doesn’t go down too well.

Of course, I wouldn’t wish to be in any way political but our government has definitely led the way in procrastination and uncertainty. And every time they sway one way or another we all have to look again at our budgets, forecasts, options and scenarios. In all, the uncertainty and changing advice is exhausting.

So I have some clear advice for you that is probably obvious – but someone has to give it, so I’ll try!

Remote working as a customer first strategy

We all know that this crisis isn’t going to just disappear, and we know that it will continue to have a massive impact on how our lives run, both in work and at home, for the foreseeable future. There will be for sure further lockdowns and set-backs along the way, which will inevitably mean that our ability to work effectively will be compromised.

My advice is, therefore, to do something about it and do it now, so that you are prepared for what will surely be some seismic and lasting changes to ways of working. Ignoring this issue simply will not help you.

In particular, those of us in business need to think about the customer. Sustaining the customer experience needs to be a top priority. And there’s almost no reason why great customer service and all the supporting office functions can’t be efficiently maintained when your team is either not in the office or spread between offices and home working.

Remote working options and opportunities.

The technology exists, and most of us have been using it over the past months, to a degree. Remote working using cloud-based email, voice calls, mobile apps and CRM software can (and does) work extremely well. You may even discover that you work better this way and, as many do, productivity improves as a result.

Remote working is worth the investment.

Of course, switching to a more flexible manner of working involves investment, time and training. But embracing a more agile way of working will build resilience and better prepare your business for what this strange period will throw at it next. This radical new economic climate we now find ourselves in requires us all to accept the world has changed – especially those of us in business. The alternative option of staying just as you were pre-covid is not one to shilly-shally around with.

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