Guest wifi – there’s no benefit to you, right? Well, we say wrong!

May 1, 2024

It’s that time of year again!

We’re just past Easter, and the 2024 tourist/holiday season is about to kick-off. But just how prepared to make the most of your guests are you?

  • Rooms refurbished – finished and ready for use ✔️
  • New menu – written, costed and tasted ✔️
  • New staff – recruited and trained (hopefully) ✔️
  • New suppliers – up and running ✔️
  • New energy provider – selected and connected ✔️
  • Bookings confirmed – (or at least virtually confirmed in the case of OTA bookings) ✔️
  • New wifi strategy – say what?

So, why should you have new wifi strategy? We all know that wifi can be expensive to install and support, as well as time consuming for your staff when guests cannot ‘get on the wifi’.

In fact, it seems like it is all cost and no benefit – you have it because your customers demand it, and (customer satisfaction apart) there is no benefit to you, right? Well, we say wrong.

Let’s look at it from another perspective. You’ve just invested significantly in your business, your guests are going to enjoy great hospitality in a wonderful environment, and you want them to come back again and again, as this is far more cost effective than finding new customers.

You’d also love them to review you, dropping in plenty of 5 stars, and you want to make sure they book directly with you next time, to avoid those chunky OTA fees. It would be ideal if they visited you more regularly and spent more with you on extras when they come. In truth you want to make the very best of your significant investment.

If this is the case (and why wouldn’t it be?) then updating your wifi platform is one of the most cost effective and simplest ways to do it.

Our Guest wifi provides for automated marketing, upselling, loyalty schemes, reviews, and compliance with public wifi legislation. It’s easy to use, fully supported by real people and comes highly recommended, especially in the hospitality sector which it was designed for.

We know it helps to build loyalty, increase revenue, manage reviews, improve margins and reduce OTA fees. More good news is that it has very low ongoing charges and there is strong chance that you will not need to upgrade your existing wifi equipment.

Is it time you reconsidered your wifi strategy? Contact us today at 01626 839 839 or email to make the most of your guests and the 2024 tourist season.

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