A 7-year contract, really? That’s a very long time.

Sep 16, 2022

In general, it strikes me that 7 years is a pretty long time, and in the business world nowadays it is a very long time.

Let’s cast our minds back to 2015 – just 7 years ago at the time of writing this – a quick look at the headlines from that year shows just how different the world was then. Cameron had just won his second general election, the Brexit referendum was yet to be dumped on us, VW were facing up to severe problems caused by their emission’s ‘issue’, the Greek debt crisis was in full flow and Leicester City FC were just starting their winning Premier League Season. It all seems so, so long ago.

Since 2015, we’ve had Trump and his fake news agenda, Brexit has been “done”, Johnson and his questionable standards, an ongoing pandemic, a growing climate crisis, Putin’s murderous rampage in the Ukraine, a fuel crisis, 11% inflation, food poverty and, on a lighter note, England’s Football team has at last won a major tournament, and even the men’s team has done pretty well!

How many of us would have predicted even 2 of these events? If nothing else it must tell us that life, and business, in this era is more unpredictable than ever, certainly for a number of generations.

So, I find it remarkable that businesses are regularly signing up to 7-year contracts on cloud phone systems, truly remarkable! I accept that in the context of the events I have mentioned this is a minor issue that pales in comparison, but surely being tied to such a lengthy term when the world is so volatile doesn’t give your business the flexibility it needs.

One of cloud telephony’s main benefits to business is the flexibility it grants so you can change your terms to match your needs – and do so without penalty. Such flexibility will help you remain competitive, responsive, efficient, adaptable and modern.

So, the next time a 7 year (or even 5 year) contract is placed on your desk, may I suggest politely declining it, and then picking up the phone to Ubi?

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