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Our Values

Ubi isn’t a big business – there are just 11 of us – but we feel strongly that it’s important to help our community and, importantly, do all we can to lessen our impact on the environment.

Our contributions are not necessarily large, but intended to make change where it matters most.

How we teamed up with Ecologi to help the planet


We know that running a product and service-based business has a negative impact on the environment, but since 2019 we’ve been doing our best to turn our impact into a positive one. After assessing our carbon footprint and looking carefully at our options we decided to work with Ecologi.

We partnered with them in 2019 and were one of the first 300 companies to jump on board (now there’s over 15,000 companies!), and we’ve been making a contribution to the scheme every time a new customer signs up or adds to their contract with us.

Specifically, we’ll plant a minimum of one tree for every new handset, cloud licence, mobile connection, system, router, data switch or new fibre line.

Since we signed up, our contributions have paid for nearly 6,000 trees and over 60 emissions-prevention projects, which have offset a whopping 258 tonnes of CO2. That’s like cancelling out the harm of 196 long haul flights or driving 645,000 miles in a car!

We’d love to encourage other organisations to follow our lead and make a commitment to this fantastic initiative. Let’s make a real difference together!


Keeping community at our heart

Over the years, we’ve supported a number of local community initiatives and charities in all kinds of ways.

Whether it’s delivering to foodbanks, supporting the purchase of community defibrillators, making donations for mobility equipment or sporting somewhat dodgy moustaches as part of Movember, we are all about keeping community at the heart of our business.

But our enthusiasm for supporting community doesn’t just stop there. If you know of a cause that needs support, we’d be interested to hear from you. While we can’t support every appeal, we may also know others who can help.

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