Call Management Software

“How can call management software improve customer experience and profitability?” – Hello Ubi.


Our call management software gives organisations the power to optimise call handling performance of staff, manage staffing capacity in line with demand, resolve disputes and monitor the impact of sales and marketing activities. It's an especially effective tool for monitoring and responding to missed and unreturned calls; which ultimately can drive greater revenues and profits. 

As well as delivering strategic and operational advantages, our software gives clients a high level of control in managing and monitoring calls for compliance purposes.

Basic performance metrics that can be monitored include: 

  • Volume of calls unanswered and answered
  • Time taken to answer
  • Call duration
  • Call destination (e.g. specific users and departments)
  • Call outcome
  • Usage of specific lines

We work with some of the leading business management software companies in the UK to help our clients gain valuable insights into the performance of their teams. Our support team is also on hand to help answer questions, and ultimately assist clients in making better informed business decisions. 

Utilising a range of products (including icall and Ericsson-LG), we can provide call management software to organisations with between five and 1000 users.

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