Level of Service


We believe there are two types of service suppliers – those that supply a level of service because that’s what the contract states, and those that provide great service because that’s what they love doing. We are the latter.

“Our business needs help with telecommunications. Where do I go?”
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Flexibility without compromising service

We believe in giving our customers contract-flexibility and not binding them to lengthy agreements – we really can be as flexible as you need us to be. We also believe that this shouldn’t compromise on the level of service and maintenance you can expect from us.

Ubi doesn’t just conduct updates and repairs when something breaks, with us maintenance is continuous. And with our engineers and local desk-based service team available six days a week, you’re in good hands.


Need help with?

Whether it’s an urgent problem or a simple query we’re always available Monday – Saturday 8.30am to 5.30pm and can be called on 01626 839839, or emailed at help@ubicom.co.uk or log into the support portal on our website.

A service that’s reliable and responsive to the needs of business communications?

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