Fibre Broadband

“Where can our business source reliable and faster broadband?” – Hello Ubi.


Increasingly, organisations are relying on their broadband connections to operate and trade. Speed and reliability are therefore key.

Fast broadband not only delivers connectivity to markets and customers, but also the opportunity to benefit from newer more advantageous communication technology such as mobile and Cloud. In all, better broadband can lead organisations to being more responsive and provide a better all-round customer experience.

We supply business-grade fast fibre. Partnering with BT, KCOM, Gamma, TalkTalk, and Virgin we are able to provide a clear view of all market possibilities that may be available to clients based on location and their specific needs. Business-grade fibre is available with unlimited downloadable data and, if required, we can also supply leased lines to businesses that have extremely high connectivity demands.

Even if clients are unfortunate enough to find themselves in a fibre blackspot, we will work to identify an alternative method of high-speed internet through 4G. Because we live in Devon we understand the challenges of delivering high speed broadband and the importance of getting this right.

We know how vital reliable and fast broadband is to organisations, which is why we monitor our clients’ fibre connections remotely to ensure resilience and optimal performance is met by the network. Also, monitoring software automatically notifies the Ubi technical team if issues arise, so we can provide timely support if ever required.

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