Not greenwashing, but a genuine thing

Environmental Stance

At Ubi our work is supported by a genuine environmental awareness. Our commitment to a greener future goes beyond buzzwords and greenwashing, it’s wired into the essence of our company.

Through tree-planting for carbon neutrality, repurposing of used technology for not-for-profits, and investing in eco-initiatives, we not only meet but surpass the green procurement policies of many of our customers.

As we see it, Ubi actions support your actions to be greener and more environmentally responsible.

Supporting green procurement

Green buying isn’t just a trend – it’s the new norm. While not every company is on board yet, many are starting to link their buying choices with eco-friendly standards. That’s something we at Ubi are all over.

Here’s how we’re making it happen:


1. Cutting Down on Waste & Amping Up Energy Efficiency

We’re always on the lookout for ways to reduce waste in our operations. That means less unnecessary travel, moving on from outdated tech, and double-checking our suppliers for their green vibes.

2. Teaming Up with Local Suppliers

We love keeping it local. It’s not just about cutting down on travel emissions, but also syncing up with suppliers who get our eco-ethos. Plus, being neighbors means we build genuine, lasting bonds in our community.

3. Recycling Gear

Ever noticed how some replaced items, like phones or cables, are still in good shape? Tossing them out would be an eco-misstep. By recycling these items, we cut down on production emissions, save our customers money, and send less to the landfills.


By embracing these measures and nudging others to join the movement, we’re shooting for a greener, brighter business future.

Projects supported

Protection of the Matavén forest in eastern Colombia

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Distributing cleaner cookstoves in Kenya

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