Cloud Phones

“We need a cloud-based phone system that supports expansion?” – Hello Ubi.


Cloud-based phone systems are revolutionising how organisations manage their business communications and, as a result, their staff and operations – essentially, they keep your business operating regardless of where your team may be working from.

Cloud phone systems are highly nimble in enabling multi-site and remote working, which can provide greater resilience and smoother continuity in business communications at times of crisis. Users can be managed from a simple secure web portal so, if disaster strikes, calls can be routed to other available users across the system (even across multiple sites) with no disruption.

In addition, cloud systems are highly scalable in allowing organisations to easily add and remove users as they need them; office or home-based, desk working or mobile working it’s all possible.

It’s also possible to monitor when your team is working and when they are not too. The technology gives organisations a high degree of control and flexibility when managing the costs of communication too – this is especially the case with us as we believe in contract-flexibility and not imposing lengthy agreements on our clients. Other features include:

  • Encrypted call recording
  • Integration with databases
  • Call logging (including time of day, call length, destination)
  • Conference calling and document sharing
  • Dial and receive calls from apps

We partner with Ericsson-LG on cloud phone systems; giving clients a scalable, cost effective and easy to use communication platform. The technology is built on highly secure and resilient hardware, which is all backed up by one of the World’s leading technology companies.

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