Business Phone Lines

“Our business needs to invest wisely in our telephone line infrastructure?” – Hello Ubi.


We have over 20 years of experience in providing businesses with telephones lines. Working directly with BT Openreach, Virgin, Gamma, KCOM and Chess; we manage the coordination of line instalment and all aspects of ongoing support. We provide this directly managed service to all our clients as standard.

ISDN, SIP or Cloud lines, we understand how these technologies function, integrate with one another and the limits of their capabilities. Our knowledge of where these technologies are heading means we can advise clients about what is the right line for them now and in the future, as well as when the time is right to develop their line infrastructure. In listening to organisations and understanding their needs, we help clients develop telecommunication strategies and infrastructure that are both reliable and future-proof.

Our absolute focus on service led us to implement time-saving online monthly billing that allows clients to review their call histories, past payments and even identify telephone fraud.

Ensuring clients gain maximum value from the investment they make into telecommunication infrastructure is a priority for us. And so, we always investigate existing phones lines first when considering all options available to a client. We’re always ready to listen first, before providing an opinion.

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