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Call Management Software

Our call management software gives organisations the power to optimise call handling performance of staff, manage staffing capacity in line with demand, resolve disputes and monitor the impact of sales and marketing activities.

With so much Work From Home (WFH), mobile and multi-site working it’s more important than ever to know what your team are doing and saying on your behalf. Our call management software factors in:


It’s not just what staff say

We all know that what we say may not be as important as how we say it. Our call recording will enable you to listen, train and manage your team to ensure consistency in communication.


Compliance with regulations

In today’s world we need to ensure that regulations are adhered to, with logged proof. Combining call recording with call logging will help you meet industry compliance requirements.


It’s not all about controlling staff

Correctly run software can help protect your staff from difficult customers, reinforce good behaviour, and reassure them that their welfare is being taken into consideration.


Resolve disputes fast

Call recording and logging can help resolve disputes with suppliers and customers with clarity, and without conflict, ensuring better customer retention.


Enhance efficiency

Knowing your busiest times of the day, days of the week and most productive employees will help you run your organisation more efficiently.


Call management software that gives your business more control in call handling?

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