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From offices of just three users, to organisations of more than 700 extensions, Ubi installs, supplies and supports business phone systems that are highly flexible.

Ericsson-LG’s IP phone systems offer more than you may think. Here’s some of what users can expect:


More flexibility

From 5 to 5,000 extensions, single site to multi-site, IP handsets to old analogue handsets the Ericsson-LG range of systems has a size that fits every organisation.


More WFH

Work From Home and in the office – not a problem – our clever systems let you do both, or either, and even working from the local café.


More handset choice

From standard home portables to video conferencing android desk phones, we have the right phone for you and your team.


More value

Still using traditional lines and old telephone cabling? Not a problem, our phone systems run on every type of cabling and line, so you get more value out of your existing infrastructure.


More Apps

Call recording, call logging, softphones, mobile apps and integration with over 300 databases mean you have more choice than imaginable.


More modern, less risk

Invest in our IP system because it’s right for you now and we guarantee that if you wish to move to cloud later our handsets are 100% compatible.


Phone systems that are flexible, adaptive and easy to manage?

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