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Business Mobiles

Selecting the right mobile package for your business is very different from choosing one for yourself. The range of choice in commercial mobile packages is incredibly broad and complex.

Business mobile contracts that are truly flexible are here, offering all organisations the ability to mix networks, length of contracts, and features across their business. Here’s what you can expect from our packages:


Become network flexible!

Very few organisations have perfect coverage throughout all the areas they work, so why tie yourself down to a single network? Ubi has multi-network SIMs ready for the deepest parts of outback and beyond!


Be in control

Our service allows you to run your mobiles as you wish when you wish – so each user can have the right services all the time. Block or allow social media, streaming and more – it’s in your hands.


Flex, and flex again

Need a little more data, or international roaming? You can add and change features at any time.


Know what your team are doing

With data and call usage updated every hour you can see who’s busy and who’s not – perfect for keeping staff focused wherever their location.


Keep them working

Our support will ensure that when help is needed, we are there for you. SIM swaps, new handsets, blocking of lost/stolen devices – all events are covered.


Mobile packages that meet the specific demands of your business?

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