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Damon Roel

Damon Roel

Data and Compliance Manager at Devon Air Ambulance Trust

Testimonial - Devon Air Ambulance Trust

Services Provided: IP Systems / Fibre / Lines / Calls / Cloud Mobiles / Technical Support and Training


Our work with Devon Air Ambulance Trust: Devon Air Ambulance asked Ubi to replace and improve their in-house system and enhance the quality of support. We installed an IP telephone system running traditional lines and have since helped them migrate all their 20+ shops’ communication services across to Ubi. Doing so, has given their communications a greater consistency of support, simplified the administration and reduced their costs. We now provide them with IP systems, fibre, lines, calls and cloud mobiles with call recording, as well as technical and user support.


What Devon Air Ambulance Trust says: "As a Devon based registered charity, we like to use local suppliers where we can, but we also have to ensure that we spend our money wisely – that’s not just about the monetary cost of things but also about the resource needed to manage and maintain our systems. As soon as I met Ubi, they were able to suggest ways of streamlining our processes which meant that the price was better too.

"Ubi do not just charge for absolutely everything. They come up with solutions that genuinely work and save money. They pop in to see us and come to the table with any new initiatives that might benefit the charity. It’s up to us whether we use them or not.

"Ubi operates an online ticketing service, which means that you know when somebody is dealing with your query. We hear from them within about ten minutes, and their engineers often come out the same day if there is a problem. They come to us with potential benefits for the charity – whether we use them or not, is down to us.

"I would not hesitate to recommend them. Not only is the company extremely professional but they’re also very likeable too!"

Adam Spiers

Adam Spiers

Managing Director at Michael Spiers

Testimonial - Michael Spiers

Services provided: Site IP / Cloud Systems / Fibre / Cabling / Technical Support and Training


Our work with Michael Spiers: We have been working with Michael Spiers for many years rationalising their services and enabling them to move away from their existing suppliers to Ubi, and by doing so helping them improve inter-branch communications, reduce their costs enhance the support level. We now provide them with a range of products including on site IP and cloud systems, fibre services, cabling, technical support and training.


What Michael Spiers says: "As a jewellers, with shops across the south west, we initially talked to Ubi about telecoms within just one of our four stores. They were initially recommended to us by another business. We seemed to share similar values – things like offering impartial advice and giving a great service with customer satisfaction and trust being a given.

"We have been working with Ubi now for over five years, and they now provide all of our telecoms across the whole business.

"Ubi assured me that they could provide the products and service we needed and they have most definitely delivered. We really like working with a local, like minded business, and having a personal contact that we can ring up or email at any time and who knows not only us, but the business as a whole.

"I find it very easy to get in touch with them whenever I need to and any technical issues that arise are swiftly resolved by the Ubi team.  I really appreciate the continuous communication and feed-back until resolution."

Louise Woolacott

Louise Woolacott

Director at Fix Auto

Testimonial - Fix Auto

Services Provided: Calls / Lines / Cabling / Fibre / Cloud Systems


Our work with Fix Auto: One of Ubi’s longest standing customers, Fix Auto have been with Ubi since the early 2010s during which time we have helped them link their main site, which occupies two buildings intersected by a busy road, upgrade their cabling, install high-speed fibre. More recently we have helped them port across to cloud telephony to help them improve their customer service as part of their new operating model which embraces remote working.


What Fix Auto says: "Ubi provides Fix Auto with all of our telephone and internet systems and has done for six years. Our business is growing rapidly and we often need to be versatile and to change course quickly. What I like about Ubi is the fact that they are not just reactive, but proactive.

"With Ubi, you call them and within ten minutes somebody is on the case, whether they’re actually coming to see you or are dialling in to look at the system remotely. We often see the same person – they know our business inside and out, and they know how quickly we need them to respond.

"If a customer of ours has a car crash, it’s a huge drama for them but they trust us to be the experts with their car. And that’s what our phone system is to Ubi. When you have a business that relies on phones, you need them to be working all the time. We don’t have to worry about it because we know we’re in safe hands. Whoever comes on site is incredibly quick, professional and friendly and gets the job done.

"Ubi provides a reliable service that ensures that we don’t have any disruption. They’ve saved us money and I would recommend them to others unreservedly."