Ubi provides Fix Auto with all of our telephone and internet systems and has done for six years. Our business is growing rapidly and we often need to be versatile and to change course quickly. What I like about Ubi is the fact that they are not just reactive, but proactive.

With Ubi, you call them and within ten minutes somebody is on the case, whether they’re actually coming to see you or are dialling in to look at the system remotely. We often see the same person – they know our business inside and out, and they know how quickly we need them to respond.

If a customer of ours has a car crash, it’s a huge drama for them but they trust us to be the experts with their car. And that’s what our phone system is to Ubi. When you have a business that relies on phones, you need them to be working all the time. We don’t have to worry about it because we know we’re in safe hands. Whoever comes on site is incredibly quick, professional and friendly and gets the job done.

Ubi provides a reliable service that ensures that we don’t have any disruption. They’ve saved us money and I would recommend them to others unreservedly.

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