As a Devon based registered charity, we like to use local suppliers where we can, but we also have to ensure that we spend our money wisely – that’s not just about the monetary cost of things but also about the resource needed to manage and maintain our systems. As soon as I met Ubi, they were able to suggest ways of streamlining our processes which meant that the price was better too.

Ubi do not just charge for absolutely everything. They come up with solutions that genuinely work and save money. They pop in to see us and come to the table with any new initiatives that might benefit the charity. It’s up to us whether we use them or not.

Ubi operates an online ticketing service, which means that you know when somebody is dealing with your query. We hear from them within about ten minutes, and their engineers often come out the same day if there is a problem. They come to us with potential benefits for the charity – whether we use them or not, is down to us.

I would not hesitate to recommend them. Not only is the company extremely professional but they’re also very likeable too!

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